B.H.S.R. is a D.I.Y. Music Publishing Company founded in Newburgh, NY by Joe Gagliardi III and Holly Berchielli (JEG3 Inc., Martyr Art, Outsider Magazine & ZineScene Records) in 2017.

Our mission at B.H.S.R. is to provide you with a uniquely curated catalog of audio that perfectly suits your needs for placement in film, tv, radio and new media. Browse our readily available catalog or commission us for project-specific original music.

*All music available through this site is registered by both the Publisher (Bleeding Hands Sound Recordings) and it’s composer (Joe Gagliardi III) and is ready for immediate placement. All music has been mastered and files are available at a resolution of 24-bit/48Hz. Website is updated as new content is created and available for use. (All new content will appear “first in line” when audio database loads.