B.H.S.R. is a D.I.Y. Music Publishing Company founded in Newburgh, NY by Joe Gagliardi III (JEG3 Inc., Martyr Art, Outsider Magazine & ZineScene Records) and Holly Berchielli (Outsider Magazine & ZineScene Records) in 2017.

Our mission at B.H.S.R. is to provide our customers with a comprehensive catalog of audio content that perfectly suits your vision of placement in film, tv, radio and new media. Browse our readily available catalog or comission us for custom music.

*All music available through this site has been registered by both the Publisher (Bleeding Hands Sound Recordings) and it’s composer (Joe Gagliardi III) and is ready for immediate placement.

*All music is mastered and files are available at a resolution of 24-bit/48Hz.

*Website is updated as new content is created and available for use. (All new content will appear “first in line” when audio database loads.